Vieux Carre Recipe

The Vieux Carré is a classic New Orleans cocktail.

It was invented in the French Quarter at the Carousel Bar.

Drinking a Vieux Carré at the Carousel Bar is magical.

But drinking a Vieux Carré at home is equally enjoyable.

The Vieux Carré recipe has a lot of ingredients.

Almost all of them are alcohol.


Rye Whiskey Cognac Sweet Vermouth Bénédictine Angostura Bitters Peychaud's Bitters Ice Cubes Lemon Peel

Once you assemble the ingredients, the Vieux Carré recipe is easy.

No special bar tools are required.

It's a drink that's stirred, not shaken.

Lemon peel adds the final touch.

You'll become a Vieux Carré fan after just one sip.