Traditional Italian Desserts and Pastries

Eating in Italy is magical. The country is a culinary wonderland with pizza and pasta as its star attractions.

But don’t rule out classic Italian desserts and pastries from the best things to eat in Italy. Many of the best desserts in Italy rank among the best desserts in the world.

We love eating traditional Italian desserts and pastries and have been enjoying them for decades. Read on to discover our favorite Italian sweets to eat in Italy and the rest of the world.



Featured on menus all over the boot, this dessert has a dubious past that some culinary historians allegedly trace to the pleasure houses of Treviso.


Sicilian bakers stuff cylinder-shaped fried dough with ricotta cream and occasionally sprinkle chocolate, nuts, and candied fruit on the edges.



Order a Sfogliatella Riccia if you prefer eating a flaky, layered pastry or a Sfogliatella Frolla if you’re partial to a shortcrust pastry shell.


Fiocco di Neve

A tender, airy brioche pastry filled with slightly cool cream and dusted with powdered sugar, Pasticceria Poppella’s Fiocco di Neve is a little snowflake of yumminess.



Not only is Gelato one of the most popular Italian desserts, but it’s also proof that desserts don’t need flour or eggs to taste divine.