6 Affordable Things to Do in Basel Switzerland

Although many tourists think of Basel as an expensive riverboat port city, there are many fun things to do in Basel Switzerland that won’t break the bank.

Read on to discover  6 Affordable Things to Do in Basel Switzerland

The majestic river runs right through Basel, with six bridges providing easy access from one side of the city to the other.

1. Walk Along the Rhine

Doner kebab shops are located all over the city, located practically on every corner. They’re yummy. They’re filling. And at around $8.50, they’re relatively affordable.

2. Eat Basel Cheap Eats

Basel literally swims with art from world-class museums to street art on building walls.

3. Get Your Art On

Tinguely’s work is part art and part science, making the museum an interesting contrast to the more traditional art displayed at Kunstmuseum Basel and Fondation Beyeler.

4. Check out the Museum Tinguely

Basel has a big public market right in the center of town. Merchants at the Marktplatz send a colorful selection of fruits, vegetables, flowers and more.

5. Shop at Basel Markets

Switzerland’s architecture is unique, with many buildings topped by distinctively slanting Swiss roofs.

6. Appreciate the buildings

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