30 German Food Favorites You Will Love

Wondering what to eat in Germany? We wondered about German food too until we visited Deutschland numerous times and ate a plethora of hearty dishes and satisfying snacks.

Long a haven for beer drinkers and meat-eaters, modern German food includes options for all kinds of diners, and, contrary to popular belief, these options don’t all involve meat.

Okay, many involve meat. But we’re okay with the extra protein since we’re carnivores. We’re okay with beer too!

Brezeln (Pretzels)


Germans bake each Brezeln with five basic pantry ingredients – flour, malt, salt, yeast and water.


Expect to eat your Currywurst with a pile of french fries, making this dish the perfect snack food or late night treat.


Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancakes)

Kartoffelpuffer prove that not all potato products are created equally. Some, like this popular German market food, are better than others.


Krapfen (Berliner Donuts)

Krapfen are yeasty pastries filled with jam, fried in oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can eat one for breakfast with coffee or as an afternoon snack.



There’s Alsatian French cities like Strasbourg where sauerkraut completes the meaty masterpiece called Choucroute Garnie. Sauerkraut pairs perfectly with pork, sausage and even Schnitzel.


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