The Best Santorini Restaurants and Bars

Santorini has a variety of eateries to satisfy its 15 thousand residents as well as approximately two million annual visitors.

People need to eat when they’re not busy gawking at gorgeous vistas during the day and watching the sun kiss the sea each evening.

The best restaurants in Santorini celebrate the island’s local resources while adding creative twists to classic Greek dishes.

Metaxi Mas


You know you’re in Greece when you dine at Metaxi Mas. The 20-year-old local institution has an ageless charm that feels like it’s been open decades longer.

Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna

To us, dining at Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna is all about the harbor view that the restaurant shares with three other lagoon-based tavernas.


To Psaraki

Open since 2009 and located by the Athinios Harbor on the south side of the island in Vlychada, the restaurant is an affordable, must-visit for food travelers in Santorini.


The Family Bakery

This bakery possesses a truly local feel and sells a range of cooked food suitable for a quick meal on the go.


Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos Winerys’ sunset terrace is the ultimate spot for tasting wine in Santorini. The views of the island’s caldera and nearby islands are nothing short of breathtaking.


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