5 Best Po Boys in New Orleans

Like those other regional baguette-based sandwich vehicles, a Po boy is a long sandwich that’s big enough to be a meal.

Po Boys typically sport fillings like slow-cooked roast beef, oysters, crawfish, and fresh from the Gulf shrimp. Some modern Po Boys add alligator meat or no meat at all.

We can’t eat enough Po Boys whenever we’re in Louisiana. Read on to discover our picks for the five best Po Boys in New Orleans.

Commander’s Palace


Our Po Boy came filled with at least 20 crispy Gulf shrimp mixed with house made tasso, sweet onions and pickled okra mayonnaise.


Killer Poboys

We ordered a Po Boy topped with pork belly slices coated in rum-ginger cane syrup, crisp lime slaw and creamy garlic aioli.


Liuzza’s by the Track

Make no mistake – the Liuzza’s BBQ Shrimp Po Boy is a show stopper with its mass of sautéed fresh shrimp stuffed into a French bread pistolette.


Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar

Owned by the Domalise family for more than a century, the down and dirty Po Boy shop excels at making sandwiches filled with roast beef, seafood and even meatballs.

Parkway Bar and Tavern

Many opt for Parkway’s shrimp Po Boy packed with perfect morsels of the fried crustaceans. Lightly breaded, the shrimp is the star of the seafood sandwich.


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