The Best Lyon Restaurants, Bouchons, Markets and Bars

Lyon is an ideal destination for food travelers. Not only does the city offer some of the best food in France if not the world, but it’s also charming and relatively easy to manage.

Yes, you can eat at 15 Michelin-starred restaurants in Lyon, and those are surely all special.

But, for us, dining at smaller restaurants where young chefs are serving outstanding food at reasonable prices in an ultra-casual atmosphere is equally exciting.

Les Apothicaires


We were attracted to the restaurant’s excellent reputation, global menu, and affordable lunch menu.

Le Garet

The ideal spot for a traditional Bouchon lunch in Lyon thanks to its Lyonaisse comfort food menu and walls haphazardly decorated with colorful caricatures.


Bouchon Thomas

All of the classic Bouchon elements are present at Bouchon Thomas, including checkerboard tablecloths and a menu featuring traditional Lyon favorites.


Café des Fédérations

Lives up to its esteemed reputation and the above quote by serving classic Lyonnais food in an unpretentious dining room.


Odessa Comptoire

Open since 2017, Lyon’s first all-natural wine bar occupies a historic space which has operated as a restaurant since 1859.


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