The Best Dublin Restaurants and Pubs

If you think that food in Dublin is all about corned beef and cabbage, you’re living in the past or in the United States since this New York food combination doesn’t really exist in Ireland.

Much like other cities around the world, Dublin is going through a restaurant renaissance with younger chefs opening new restaurants in the city as well as on the outskirts of town.

We discovered many of the best restaurants in Dublin Ireland through word of mouth when we asked locals where we should be eating in Dublin.

Brother Hubbard


At the time, the new-ish restaurant stood out as a shining light in the Dublin culinary scene by serving modern comfort food and quality coffee in a trendy yet chill setting.

The Fumbally

We can safely recommend this casual yet funky restaurant to any Dublin visitor looking for a generally healthy meal or a good cup of coffee or both.



Eating at least one Full Irish Breakfast in Dublin is a must. We satisfied this food travel requirement at herbstreet, a modern restaurant located in the tech-friendly Docklands neighborhood.


Fallon & Byrne

Has an extensive selection of prepared foods that are easy to heat on a stove or in a microwave. The store also has fresh fish, baked goods, and an impressive cheese counter.


Bar 1661

Has a full bar that features local favorites like Irish whiskey and Guinness beer. Not surprisingly, the bar’s addictive Belfast Coffee cocktail includes Poitín as a key ingredient.


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