The Best Athens Restaurants and Bars

Despite the quantity and quality of casual restaurants and tavernas in Athens, the city also has quite a few fine dining options.

After researching our options, we decided to dine at two of the Michelin-starred restaurants during our visit.

Though more expensive than other top restaurants in Athens, these restaurants are competitively priced compared to similar restaurants in other European capitals.



The restaurant is literally in a cellar just a block from Athens’ central food market (Varvakeios), and if you don’t look hard you may not see it at first glance.


This large, rustic Metaxourgeio space overflowing with diners offers outdoor sidewalk seating along with a range of tables on the other side of Keramikou Street.


Ouzeri Lesvos

Offers a traditional taverna experience with an emphasis on fresh fish and seafood.


Food and service at Ouzeri Lesvos are among the best in Athens.


When you walk into this particular restaurant and onto a back patio that feels like it should be on a Greek isle like Mykonos, you know that you’re in for fun Greek taverna experience.



Notable for its prime location in Exarchia, Rozalia has a big open-air dining room as well as several tables on a pedestrian street in front of the restaurant.


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