Why We Fell in Love during Our Stockholm Trip

Considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world, Stockholm is progressive with its cashless society and also quirky with a subway system that doubles as a modern art gallery.

If you’re wondering whether you should visit Stockholm, the answer is yes. Not surprisingly, Sweden’s capital is hip and filled with great Swedish food.

Traditionally prepared, Swedish meatballs are pork or beef meatballs covered with brown gravy.


Local purveyors procure much of the farm-raised, fatty fish from nearby Norway for their luxurious, cold smoked product.


They make this unique sandwich by putting a hot dog in a large flatbread and then top the tubular meat with mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, onions and shrimp salad.

Hot Dogs

It’s a well-known fact of life that a person either loves or hates licorice. There’s really no middle ground when it comes to this strong, anise-flavored candy.


Stockholm residents fully embrace the concept of Lagom. This word translates to ‘just the right amount’.

Lagom and Stockholm Style

We were excited to experience a glorious sunset from the rooftop deck at Eriks Gondolen on our first night in Stockholm.


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