Rome Food Favorites You Will Love

While travelers regularly seek out pizza and gelato as part of their Roman adventure, most people bump into dishes like Cacio e Pepe by accident or while on a Rome food tour.

We did the research. We ate the food. We drank the drinks. And now we’re writing this best of Rome food guide to prepare you for your Roman culinary adventure.

Read on to discover 25 must-eat Rome food favorites that you simply should not miss during a food-focused trip to the Eternal City.



The richness of the dish’s golden sauce comes solely from a combination of egg yolks, fatty guanciale pork fat, starchy pasta water and salty, sheepy Pecorino Romano cheese.


It’s topped with grated Pecorino Romano, but the cheese, unlike in Cacio e Pepe, is a last-minute finish to the dish as opposed to a key ingredient.


Pizza al Taglio

This Roman style of thick square pizza is always sliced and often served by weight. Typical toppings include tomatoes, salumi, herbs and all sorts of vegetables.


Trippa alla Romana

To compensate for the tripe’s chewy texture, they cooked the offal low and slow in a tangy tomato sauce laden with onion, garlic and the occasional red pepper flake.



This Roman cheap eat is a great mid-morning or late afternoon snack between meals and can be paired with either coffee or beer. 


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