How to Visit Puglia in a Day

Even with limited time, you can visit Puglia for 24 hours and experience Italy away from the more touristy cities up north.

For a vast majority of American leisure travelers, a trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime experience.

Our Puglia day trip from Matera began on a road that weaves through jagged Lucanian cliffs and exits into vast Puglian fields dotted by the province’s signature residences.

Day Trip to Visit Puglia

We adored the Sunday markets and olive vendors that are prevalent on the city streets.

Bounties of a Puglia Market

The southern Italian lifestyle is easy, and there are small towns like Cisternino atop hilltops where one can breeze in and enjoy a panini for lunch.

Beverage Break in Cisternino

The stately yet compact town’s grand center affords an excellent opportunity to view the nightly stroll while hanging at a local cafe.

An Evening in Martina-Franca

We approached the restaurant, located in a bi-level Italian strip mall and were quickly greeted by a food runner who treated us like long lost guests.

Dinner at the Southern Edge of Martina-Franca

As we approached the ancient city of Matera, we already missed Puglia but took comfort in the plastic bags of olives just waiting for us to enjoy for days to follow.

Final Thoughts

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