Pizzeria Bianco – The Best Pizza in Phoenix

See why we detoured to Phoenix to check out the pies at Pizzeria Bianco.

Rumored to be the best pizza in Phoenix and perhaps the entire country, Pizza Bianca has an illustrious reputation among pizza fans. Would we join the frenzy?

This starter involves organic Prosciutto wrapped around gooey Fontina cheese and served over arugula.


This deceptively simple pizza with just three ingredients provides the perfect vehicle for measuring the suppleness of a pie’s crusty foundation.


Light and creamy, the Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding was the perfect ending to a beautiful night of pizza perfection.


We enjoyed our meal so much that we feel comfortable declaring these pies to be the best pizza not only in Phoenix but in the entire country!

Is Pizzeria Bianco the Best Pizza in Phoenix?

Wanting to try donuts in Phoenix before hitting the road, we hit up Welcome Chicken and Donuts and tried two varieties.

Bonus – Awesome Donuts and Fried Chicken in Phoenix

The Red Wine + Chocolate Pudding Donut and the Cream Cheese + Tangerine Marmalade Donut. The combinations were on point with bright flavors that counteracted the richness of the fatty, doughy pastries.

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