15 of the Best Coffee Shops in Philadelphia

Philadelphia may be one of America’s most historic cities but don’t rule out Philly’s third wave coffee scene.

Read on to discover the best Philadelphia coffee shops serving cappuccinos, espressos, and pour-overs.

Some of these shops have been around for years and others are new kids on the Philly coffee block.



Elixr is the cafe where we sent our European friend who was suffering from specialty coffee withdrawal. It’s the cafe that we visit first every time we return to Philly.

Menagerie Coffee

For starters, Menagerie is located in the neighborhood where America’s founding fathers solidified the fledgling country’s independence from England.


Rowhome Coffee

Hugh Morretta and Eli Shaika opened the original Rowhome Coffee in late 2020 with passions for both specialty coffee and comfort food. 


Cake & Joe

These cakes are more like something you would eat at patisseries in Paris or Tokyo than at a typical Philly coffee shop.


Alchemy Coffee

Philadelphia’s Alchemy Coffee is the only one of the bunch that completes this task using Elixr beans.


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