Paris Food Favorites You Will Love

Let’s face it, you could take a walking food tour from Sacre Coeur to the bottom of the 13th Arrondissement and never taste all the food in Paris.

But, if you approach the city armed with this quick guide, you’ll have an idea of what to eat in Paris and where to eat it.

We recommend that you start your culinary exploration with the following Paris food favorites.

Steak Tartare


Is the haiku of the Parisian bistro. The dish has a number of compulsory complementary ingredients including, but not limited to, capers, shallots, raw egg, and diced cornichons.


The best ones have a shattering, delicate, caramelized exterior and a soft buttery interior.


There are good croissants all over the city but you’ll never forget the truly great ones.

Baba au Rhum

A French dessert with Polish ties, baba au rhum is a Paris dessert favorite at classic restaurants like Bistrot Paul Bert and Le Train Bleu.



Macarons may be the best dessert in the world to eat on the go.


Baked in an array of flavors and colors, French macarons taste as good as they look.

Steak-Frites (Steak & Fries)

Some historians credit Steak-Frites to Belgium and, considering that we can trace the roots of cut and fried potatoes to France’s neighbor to the North, that makes sense.


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