Norwegian Food Favorites You Will Love

Many first time visitors to Norway expect to experience the country’s natural beauty but have either limited or low expectations about the food.

However, adventurous diners like us won’t get bored in Norway while sampling foods with names that are difficult, if not impossible, to pronounce.

If you’re curious to explore Norway and its food, we suggest you start with our new favorite Norwegian foods.

The food may not be cheap in Scandinavia but it sure does taste good.

Sjømat (Seafood)


Salmon reigns supreme among fish in the Norwegian diet. If it were up to us, we’d exclusively eat salmon in Norway – smoked, cured or raw. It doesn’t matter.

Kjøttkaker (Norwegian Meatballs)

While in Norway, we scratched our carnivorous itch with Kjøttkaker, hearty Norwegian meatballs made with seasoned minced meat, onions and seasonings.


Vafler (Waffles)

A simple yet tasty food in Norway thanks to toppings like chocolate, sugar, and jam. Food travelers can eat waffles at cafes and food halls in most Norwegian cities.


Brunost (Brown Cheese)

Some people even eat the unique brown cheese every day of the week as part of a traditional Norwegian breakfast or as an energizing snack.


Norsk Kanelboller

Cinnamon buns known as Kanelboller are easy to find in Norway. Perfect to eat along with a cup of specialty coffee.


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