12 Norwegian Food Favorites You Will Love

Wondering what to eat in Norway during your first trip to the land of the midnight sun? Read on to find a dozen Norway food favorites you must try during your visit to Europe’s northernmost country.

In Norway, locals smoke and grill their fish. They also transform fish into cakes, soups, and balls.

Norwegians are proud of their sea bounty, and seafood is integral to their culture.

Brunost (Brown Cheese)


Not your typical cheese, Brunost is created when producers boil goat milk whey until it caramelizes into a brown cheese-like substance.

Sjømat (Seafood)

Salmon reigns supreme among fish in the Norwegian diet. If it were up to us, we’d exclusively eat salmon in Norway – smoked, cured or raw.


Fiskesuppe (Norwegian Fish Soup)

Norwegian fish soup known as Fiskesuppe is a great, comforting dish to eat in Norway on a cold winter day. It was also ideal to eat on the rainy summer day.


Fiskekaker (Norwegian Fish Cake)

Fish cakes known as Fiskekaker fill the culinary void between American fish sticks and French croquettes.


Rørkaviar (Tubed Caviar)

Tubed caviar called Rørkaviar is a thing in Norway. Their caviar contains up to 60% cod roe as well as ingredients like rapseed oil and sugar.


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