31 New Orleans Food Favorites You Will Love

Are you wondering what to eat in New Orleans during your first or second trip to NOLA? We reveal 31 must-eat New Orleans food favorites that you can’t miss during any food-focused trip to the Big Easy.

New Orleans, the 50th largest city in the US, has dozens of dishes that were either invented in the Crescent City or are better due to the NOLA food culture and its proximity to the Gulf.

This deep food culture, combined with NOLA’s live music culture and craft cocktail culture, makes the city both a unique and fun place to visit.



A roux-thickened, brown bowl of Louisiana gumbo, filled with thick slices of Andouille sausage, chicken or seafood, is a quintessential dish in America.


Beyond rice, a proper Jambalaya recipe includes andouille sausage, shrimp, Louisiana’s vegetable trinity and a whole bunch of spices.


Po Boys

Also called a Poor Boy, there’s nothing low class or deficient about this iconic sandwich especially when it’s topped with fried oysters or overflowing with melt-in-your-mouth roast beef.



Invented by some of the first Italians to immigrate to America more than a century ago, the Muffaletta is NOLA’s second sandwich icon.


Fried Chicken

Southern Americans didn’t invent the concept of battering chicken and frying it to crispy goodness. That honor goes to savvy Scotts and ancient Romans before them.


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