Nashville Food Favorites You Will Love

As an up-and-coming American city, Nashville has eateries that run the gamut from traditional ramen shops to nationally recognized restaurants.

Are you wondering what to eat in Nashville during your first visit to Tennessee’s largest city?

Read on to discover eight must-eat Nashville food favorites that you should not miss during your exploration of Music City.



The upside of this popularity is a varied selection of Nashville brunch options ranging from Southern comfort food to upscale dining.

Hot Chicken

A must-eat Nashville food whether you spend a day or week in the city.


You may gain a few pounds from this unique fried chicken crawl, but you certainly won’t be bored.


In Nashville, artisan chocolatiers create unique treats using ingredients like imported beans and hand-crafted marshmallows.



Best eaten hot, biscuits pair well with toppings like gravy, jam and pimento cheese though not all at the same time. That would just be wrong.



A visitor with a sweet tooth hungry for donuts will find it entirely possible to visit a different Nashville bakery every day of the week and eat enough flavors to achieve donut bliss.