Naples Pizza Guide – 11 Pizzerias Not to Miss

The city’s competition for ‘best pizza in Naples’ is fierce due to a cadre of pizzaiolos who have refined their craft over many generations and have access to amazing ingredients.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pizza shops in the city. The key is to know the city’s best pizzerias if you have limited time to eat pizza in Naples.

As self-proclaimed Naples pizza experts, we’ve taken our on-the-ground and in-the-mouth research to create the ultimate Napoli guide for all of our pizza-loving friends.

Gino Sorbillo


It’s no surprise that crowds fill the room when you consider the restaurant’s prime Centro Storico location, low prices and tasty pies.


Pizzeria Tutino

Guests who ascend the pizzeria’s stairwell are rewarded with a range of classic, creative and fried pies.


Pizzeria Brandi

We only recommend a special trip to Pizzeria Brandi if you are doing a large-scale Naples pizza tour or if you’re in the area and your ship is about to leave.


La Masardona

With more than a dozen choices and ingredients like fresh ricotta, sautéed escarole, salami, and octopus, the only challenge is deciding what to order. And then there’s dessert.

Pizzeria dal Presidente

Hidden behind a colorful entrance with a tempting selection of fried treats, Pizzeria dal Presidente has a dining room where customers can enjoy the pizzeria’s famous pizza.


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