Naples Food Favorites You Will Love

Naples is famous around the world for its pizza. However Naples has so much more to offer food travelers…. and we’re not just talking about the food in Naples.

While most travelers visit Naples specifically to eat pizza, savvy travelers explore Napoli’s local cuisine, including pasta and desserts, that rivals some of the best in Europe and beyond.

This Naples food guide showcases the foods you MUST eat during your visit to the Southern Italian gem called "Napoli."

Neapolitan Pizza


Is famous around the world and Naples’ most famous pie, the Margherita, has become the stuff of legend.


The Frittatina is proof that pasta fries up just as well as pizza. Neapolitan figgitorie and pizza shops sell these deep-fried pasta fritters all day, every day throughout the city.



You can eat fried Polpette as a protein-forward snack food while you’re touring Naples or eat the ragù-topped version at a local trattoria.


Pasta Ragù

The meaty tomato sauce graces a myriad of menus, capitalizing upon the quality of tomatoes grown on nearby volcanic soil.


Linguine al Cartoccio

An Italian classics that involves cooking a mishmash of seafood, pasta, olive, oil, tomatoes, and white wine in foil or parchment paper.