35 of the Best Lisbon Restaurants and Bars

We’re eating our way through Lisbon one restaurant at a time. If you’re wondering where to eat in Lisbon, read on to discover our picks for the best Lisbon restaurants and bars.

Our ambitious goal involves discovering the best places to eat in Lisbon at all price points and eating at all of them.

The pressure has been real as we ascend Lisbon’s many steep hills in a never-ending quest that’s been both fun and exhausting.



Helmed by restaurant mogul Chef José Avillez, Lisbon’s most famous restaurant has earned the 42nd spot on the respected World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.


The translated menus included two five-course tasting menus priced at €110 and €120 (prices subject to change) as well as individual dishes available on an a la carte basis.


Hip Lisbon Restaurants

There’s nothing we love more than a Friday night out in a casual space enjoying food that’s as fresh as a restaurant’s surroundings.



Prado offers a diverse wine menu filled with local bottles from all over Portugal with an extra focus on wines produced near Lisbon.


Taberna da Rua das Flores

Some may disagree but, to us, a Portuguese “tasca” is best defined as a cheap, everyday restaurant serving homestyle dishes in a simple, unadorned space.


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