The Best Las Vegas Restaurants Off The Strip

Sound the alarms! The Las Vegas food and drink scene is thriving Off the Strip. Check out our favorite Las Vegas restaurants away from the casinos and crowds.

We include affordable places to eat Off the Strip in Vegas as well as some upscale options.

Las Vegas has evolved into a culinary destination with a variety of great places to eat and drink that don’t involve buffets, valet parking, or slot machines.

The Black Sheep


This is not only the kind of cooking worth leaving the strip for but a surprising, shining example of new Las Vegas cuisine.


Each dish is a winner from the house-made tofu to the melt-in-your-mouth sashimi to the gooey beef tendon to the duck skewers.


Flock & Fowl

Located just north of Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas, Flock & Fowl serves chicken rice as well as a menu filled with kick-ass fried chicken wings and other comfort food favorites.


Sparrow + Wolf

There was no mistaking the pleasing, slightly funky flavor of dashi broth and seaweed that complemented the sweet American tomatoes.



CRAFTkitchen offers a classic riff on the classic salad, with garlic chips adding a nice crunch to the bacon, egg and avocado mixture.


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