Italian Food Favorites You Will Love

There’s hardly a place in the boot that doesn’t have a plethora of pizza shops and Italian restaurants.

Most of these eateries are pretty good, or at least halfway decent. But, not every Italy food trip is a success.

Although we’ve eaten hundreds of dishes in Italy and almost as many desserts, we decided to keep our list of must-eat Italian foods at a manageable limit of 75 entries.

Cacio e Pepe


Of Rome’s four iconic pasta dishes, Cacio e Pepe is the king despite its seemingly simple recipe with just three ingredients.

Pasta Carbonara

Roman chefs prepare Carbonara sauce by combining emulsified egg yolks with guanciale, starchy pasta water, and salty Pecorino Romano cheese.


Balsamic di Modena

Unlike the grocery store version made with vinegar, sugar, and additives, traditional balsamic vinegar has just one ingredient – grape juice.


Pesto alla Genovese

Is hard to resist whether it’s made in a modern food processor or with a traditional mortar and pestle. This great pesto is worth the effort.



A classic Neapolitan snack food sold at bakeries throughout the Southern Italian city. Locals also buy bags of ring-shaped delicacy at local grocery stores and markets.


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