Irresistible Portuguese Desserts and Pastries

Pretty much every Portuguese menu has a sobremesa (dessert) section filled with cake, pudding, and more. The number of Portuguese dessert recipes is astounding.

Many of these desserts are filled with egg yolks and sugar but plenty feature ingredients like chocolate and almonds.

Some of the best are specific to Portugal while others are global in both origin and popularity.

Mousse de Chocolate


A dessert that made its way to Portugal after traveling the world. However, unlike other desserts, chocolate mousse has a definitive origin – France.

Bolo Xadrez

Bolo Xadrez layers yellow and chocolate sponge cake in a checkerboard design, separates the layers with cream, and coats them in chocolate icing.


Torta de Amêndoa

A great option for those who love sweet almond desserts but don’t eat pork.


 Pastel de Belém

Not only was this egg tart the gateway convent pastry that ignited our sweet Portuguese obsession, but the Pastel de Belém is also Portugal’s signature pastry.


Pastel de Nata

This simple Portuguese egg tart has conquered the world but it’s best eaten in its home country.


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