25 of the Best Hamburg Restaurants and Bars

Wondering what and where to eat in Hamburg Germany? We ate and drank our way through Germany’s second largest city and returned again and again.

The best Hamburg restaurants run the gamut from informal to upscale. Some serve traditional German foods while others offer more exotic dishes.

The restaurant’s minimalistic dining room has just 42 seats with servers dressed more for a picnic than a fancy dinner. Even the menu is casually presented on a handheld chalkboard.


For those of us without German grandmothers to cook for us, Frau Möller is a traditional Hamburg pub that serves local dishes like Labskaus and Currywurst plus a long list of hamburgers.

Frau Möller

Not only is this Hamburg restaurant named after O-Ren Ishii, the movie’s ‘Queen of the Japanese Underworld’, but it also serves some of the best Asian food we’ve eaten in Europe.

o-ren ishii

The folks at Imbis bei Schorsh specialize in Currywurst and pour a generous amount of spicy homemade curry tomato sauce over each fried sausage.

Imbiss bei Schorsch

Mam Si’s beautiful plates topped with rainbow-colored greens, golds, purples and oranges virtually transported us to the Asian tropics.

Mama Si

Diners who enter Köz Urfa’s dining room walk past a procession of raw spiced red meat kebabs standing in neat rows.

Köz Urfa

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