Great Spots to Eat Brunch in Lisbon

Crowds of locals, ex-pats, and food travelers pack cafes throughout the city in order to satiate their brunch fix. While some ‘eat for the insta’, savvy diners care more about eating great food.

Our favorite places for brunch in Lisbon run the gamut from cute and cozy to modern and expansive. Some serve crafted specialty coffee drinks while others offer outdoor seating.

When you’re looking to combine breakfast and lunch in Lisbon, we recommend starting at the following brunch-friendly cafes.



Seeing a plate piled high with fluffy hotcakes and served with a generous amount of maple syrup was a shocker since both are rarities in Lisbon.



 Despite its intentionally minimalistic decor, this is a cafe that doesn’t scrimp on the important brunch things – flavor and portion size.

Dear Breakfast

Offers a complete brunch menu that includes both coffee and a cocktail. Currently priced at 20€, that brunch should fill you up until dinner.


Flat Cafe

Instead of serving American-style pancakes, this cozy Bica spot serves dishes inspired by Scandinavia and Russia.


Heim Cafe

This cozy Madragoa spot separates its food and drinks by color – green, yellow, red and blue for brunch combos and pink, green and yellow for the smoothies.