36 Irresistible French Pastries and Desserts

French desserts are legendary around the world. Discover three dozen delectable French pastries and other sweet treats to sample when you travel to la Republique or at your local pastry shop.

The French, along with pastry legends from countries like Austria, Italy and Hungary, have been leaders in creating, perfecting, serving and eating fancy desserts and pastries for centuries.

We highly recommend the following French sweets when you visit France or pop into a French patisserie where you live, be it in New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, or elsewhere in the world.



France’s Macarons are fancified sandwich cookies baked with ingredients like egg whites, sugar and almond flour.

Paris Brest

This ring-shaped choux pastry is a marvel with nutty praline cream in the center and powdered sugar dusting on top.



Despite a name that literally translates to thousand sheets, this French pastry typically has three pastry layers plus two more with cream.



While some Soufflé recipes feature savory ingredients like cheese, dessert Soufflés often have sauces made with chocolate, vanilla and even Grand Marnier liqueur.


Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse)

The only required ingredients in this French dessert are butter, eggs, salt, sugar and, of course, chocolate.


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