20 Foods We Miss as American Expats in Portugal

Although we love living as American expats in Portugal, there are certain American food favorites that we can’t easily find.

Life isn’t the same without them and we always seek them out whenever we visit the USA.

Bagels have been part of lives as far back as we can remember. We separately grew up topping the dense, doughy orbs with cream cheese and lox years before we met.

1. Bagels

It’s not that Mexican food isn’t available on the continent; instead, it’s typically overpriced and/or mediocre. Not an ideal situation to say the least.

2. Mexican Food

We’ve tried several and haven’t yet eaten one that comes close to the kind of slices sold at thousands of pizzerias in all five New York boroughs as well as in Philadelphia.

3. NY Pizza Slices

While we’ve eaten great burgers around the continent in cities like Lyon, Strasbourg and Hamburg, we’ve accepted that sub-par burgers are to be expected when we’re not in the Americas.

4. Burgers

Since European cows are typically grass-fed, European meat doesn’t develop the same marbling that makes American BBQ taste so darn good.

5. BBQ + Fixings

Eating a big salad is super satisfying especially when it’s loaded with goodies like avocado, blue cheese, and bacon.

6. Cobb Salad

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