7 Ecuadorian Food Favorites You Will Love

Ecuador is famous around the world for its magnificent natural wonders. Highlights include the renowned Galapagos Islands, the incredible Amazon rainforest and the awe-inspiring Andes mountains.

But many people don’t realize that Ecuador also has a flourishing food scene.

With so many great choices, the food in Ecuador is worth a visit on its own.

Guinea Pig


If you’re at an Ecuadorian restaurant, simply ask for “cuy”. The guinea pig will come roasted on a spit with some delicious side dishes.

Fried Plantains

Yellow plantains (called “maduros”) are ripe plantains, and when they’re fried they are mushy and sweet, almost dessert-like.



Try unique flavors like rose, lemongrass, chile, coffee, or even Guayusa – a chocolate bar that mixes decadent cacao with a famous Amazonian tea.



Ceviche comes in many forms, but its base will always be some type of Ecuador seafood with shrimp, fish, lobster, octopus, crab, oyster, or sometimes a mix of one or more of those.



Often consumed with a little bit of rice, this is one of the heartiest soups you’ll ever taste. Viche is a great and filling fuel for your vacation.


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