Eating in Italy – 20 Do’s and Don’ts

We love eating in Italy. This boundless love includes pizza, pasta, and lots of fried stuff. Our only fear when we dine in Italy is that we’ll get too full to eat it all.

However, we understand that others may fear breaking the country’s unwritten dining rules. We felt that way before we visited pizza’s homeland for the first time too.

While there’s no blame for the shame, we’re here to help you eat like an Italian food pro. As for learning the Italian language, that’s another story.

While locals use a knife and fork to eat this type of pizza, we like to eat our pies with a hybrid method that involves folding each slice after we cut it with our utensils.

Eat Pizza with Utensils


Unlike Americans who sprint through lunch, Italians often linger over their midday meals, eating multiple courses, sipping wine and ending on a sweet note.

Eat a Big Lunch

In Italy, like much of Europe, both tax and service are typically included in restaurant bills.


Don’t Feel Compelled to Leave a Tip

Our best advice is to be as strong as possible. Your reward will involve aperitivo plates topped with salumi and cheese plus glasses filled with wine, beer, and spritzes.

Don’t Snack Between Meals

Unlike in American states like Florida, where early bird dinners are popular among the older crowd, Italians of all ages laugh at the idea of eating dinner before the sun sets.

Don’t Eat Dinner Too Early

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