Eating in Italy – 20 Do’s and Don’ts

We love eating in Italy! Read on to discover 20 tried-and-true Italy dining tips so that you can eat Italian food in Italy like a pro instead of a schmo.

This love has no boundaries. It extends from Basilicata in the south to Trentino in the north. This boundless love includes pizza, pasta, and lots of fried stuff.

While it’s human nature to want to eat pizza in Italy regardless of the region, the better move is to quickly research each region’s top food before you arrive.

1. Eat Local by Region

Food markets are a key element of Italy’s food scene. Most Italian cities have one major market with more sprinkled around the neighborhoods.

2. Shop at Local Food Markets

Hailing from Naples, Neapolitan Pizza is always served as individual whole pies with the diner usually responsible for cutting it into slices.

3. Eat Pizza with Utensils… Usually

You don’t have to make reservations super far ahead for most restaurants in Italy.

4. Make Advance Restaurant Reservations

Order your coffee and pay at the register. If you want a typical espresso, just say “uno caffè per favore.”

5. Drink Your Morning Coffee While Standing at the Bar

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