Exploring the Bywater Neighborhood in New Orleans

Check out the Bywater neighborhood once you’ve had your fill of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

After you experience the Bywater’s unique blend of bohemians, architecture, and food, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get there.

New Orleans isn’t an early morning city, at least not for travelers who stay up late drinking cocktails at dive bars and jazz clubs.

1. Eat Breakfast with Benefits

Brunch isn’t difficult to find in New Orleans and the Bywater neighborhood is no exception. Elizabeth’s Restaurant’s menu features comfort food with a New Orleans twist.

2. Linger Over Brunch

Any stroll through the Bywater is an opportunity to see a variety of art on walls throughout the neighborhood. Many of these wall murals have a message.

3. Explore Striking Street At

Bacchanal is the backyard party we’d go to if we lived in the Bywater and wanted a neighborhood night out.

4. Relax with Wine and Music

Pond Coffee is a relatively new entrant in the New Orleans coffee scene. The shop, situated inside Bywater’s Small Mart, exclusively uses oat milk for dairy applications.

5. Drink Specialty Coffee

The massive mural on the Studio Be building is just a tiny taste of the art on display inside the 35,000 square foot warehouse.

6. Get Your Art on at Studio Be

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