15 Busan Food Favorites You Will Love

Are you curious about Korean food in South Korea? Nick Kembel ate his way through Busan and shares his Busan food favorites.

Spoiler Alert – The food in Busan is both diverse and delicious.

Take Busan, South Korea’s second largest city, for example. The city is a veritable food paradise.

Seafood at Jagalchi Fish Market


Sea creatures (including sea plants) dominate menus across the port city. Seafood is often served raw – sometimes so raw it’s still moving!


This dish consists of flour noodles in a flavorful meat-based broth, topped with cucumbers, egg, meat, and gochujang for spicy food lovers.


Street Noodles on Gukje Market Food Street

A quintessential food experience in Busan is sitting on a tiny plastic stool on the street and digging into cheap, delicious milmyeon or bibimdangmyeon


Ssiat Hotteok

Another defining Busan treat is ssiat hotteok, a Busan variety of hotteok, or sweet, round Korean pancakes, that are popular treats all over the country.



These “cakes,” which come in various shapes, forms, and flavors, are addictive with just a tolerable hint of fishy flavor.


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