34 of the Best Bucharest Restaurants and Bars

After eating and drinking our way through the Romanian capital, we’ve created this Bucharest Food Guide with all of our favorite Bucharest restaurants, cafes, markets and bars.

We had a rockier start with finding cool restaurants in Bucharest. After eating more than our fair share of overcooked eggs, we started to doubt the potential of the Bucharest food scene.

You will surely want to eat great food while you’re busy exploring the many Bucharest attractions sprinkled throughout the city dubbed Little Paris.



The food at Kane is creative, yet tight, as we experienced with our three starters. Kane’s desserts live up to the starters.


The food is gorgeous here and you should see and taste everything that this remarkable kitchen can do.



The restaurant’s chic design includes an airy dining room in a converted Bucharest A-frame attic, but the magic happens in Maize’s open kitchen with its wood-fired grill and solid cooking.


Pâine şi Vin

Pâine şi Vin features freshly baked flatbread pizzas, plates loaded with locally sourced cheese, and charcuterie plus an exciting local wine list.



Though the food was solid at Mahala and definitely worth a visit, the service was not up to par.


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