Best Places to Eat in Valencia

Famous for being the city where Paella was invented, Valencia has much to offer food travelers beyond the iconic rice dish.

The Southeastern Spanish city has a bustling central market and plenty of cute cafes where visitors can try local specialties and wash them down with a glass of Horchata or Agua de Valencia.

Are you wondering where to eat in Valencia? We’ve asked local expert Teresa Gomez of Brogan Abroad to provide her insider tips for the best food in Valencia.

Favorite Local Valencia Restaurant

It is tough to pick one favorite restaurant in Valencia, but my favorite is Bar La Pilareta, also known as Casa de las Clóchinas.

Iconic Valencia Food

Paella only has a handful of main ingredients – beans, chicken, rabbit, snails, and rice, of course!

Favorite Valencia Cafe

My favorite cafe in Valencia is Federal Café which is named after a small town in New South Wales, Australia.

Favorite Valencia Dessert

My favorite dessert place features many people’s weaknesses, chocolate. But this is not just any chocolate, it’s Valencian chocolate from Trufas Martínez.

Hidden Valencia Gem

Bar El Tostadero is a spit and sawdust kind of place frequented by local working-class people who pop out of work for something quick to eat for their almuerzo meal.

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