The Best Places to Eat in Seoul

Seoul is famous around the world for its rich history and ultra-modern technology. But what about the Seoul food scene?

Read on for a local expert’s picks for the best places to eat in Seoul, South Korea.

At one of the main street food promenades in Myeongdong, you can order delicacies like butter-grilled scallops and roasted lobster tails with cheese!

Favorite Local Seoul Restaurant

Bibimbap is not only Seoul’s most iconic food but is probably South Korea’s.

Iconic Seoul Food

At Walking On the Cloud, the panorama alone is worth the journey up to the 59th floor of the 63 building, to say nothing of fresh seasonal set menus, and some of the most tender beef steaks in Korea.

Special Occasion Meal

I’m decidedly simple in my own coffee taste. This is why the perfect Americano on offer at Felt Coffee in Gwanghwamun is a must-visit as far as I’m concerned.

Favorite Seoul Cafe

Ironically, my favorite dessert in Seoul is the local version of “strawberry hard candy,” known as Ddaligi Satang in Korean.

Favorite Seoul Dessert

If you’re looking for a classic Korean meal in a traditional setting and don’t mind getting a little bit out of Seoul’s core, head to Jihwaja.

Hidden Seoul Gem

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