17 Best Gelato Shops in Rome

Finding the best gelato in Rome was a passion project that we approached with sweet vigor. 

The best Rome gelaterias serve world-class cones for less than €5 and sometimes as low as €2.

Read on to discover our picks for the 17 best Rome gelato shops.

 Come il Latte


Named after the milk that’s the primary ingredient in creamy gelato, Come il Latte, open since 2011, locally sources ingredients like fresh milk, organic eggs and seasonal fruit.

Fatamorgana Gelato

With a mission statement that places nature over tricks, Maria Spagnuolo’s Fatamorgana sells some of Rome’s most unique gelato flavors.



Otaleg’s gelato may be the most memorable for its bold flavors, unique ingredients and creative combinations.


Al Settimo Gelo

There’s a reason that locals patiently take numbers and wait on a tree-lined street for gelato flavors that feature both local fruits and exotic ingredients sourced from around the world.



The chocolate dip is this gelateria’s tasty game changer. Quickly hardening into a candy shell, it evokes memories of childhood cones eaten at Dairy Queen but at a much higher level.


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