The Best Fried Chicken in America and Beyond

We didn’t intend to eat fried chicken in four American time zones and then take our poultry passion global. It happened organically because WE LOVE FRIED CHICKEN.

This love isn’t limited to traditional southern fried chicken. We also love eating fried chicken between two slices of bread, with donuts, and on top of waffles.

We love it hot out of the fryer and we love it hot and spicy. We love it at sit-down fried chicken restaurants and at down and dirty dives. We love it all.

Traditional Southern Fried Chicken


Traditional southern fried chicken is an American food favorite with a ‘juicy’ past that spans centuries.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans is one of the greatest food cities in the USA thanks to Cajun and Creole dishes like gumbo and jambalaya, great American sandwiches like po boys.


Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Memphis is a city that beckons food travelers due to its plethora of barbecue joints while music lovers are drawn to Graceland.


Hot Chicken

Hot chicken takes southern fried chicken to new levels on the heat chart. Flavored with cayenne pepper, this fried chicken variation isn’t for the weak of heart.


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Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Eating hot chicken at Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville is like channeling history. Crowds have been tingling their taste buds with here dish for almost a century.


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