Best Desserts in the World

Desserts provide a sweet ending to meals around the world and most countries have iconic dessert specialties entrenched in their food cultures. And, yes, some people really do eat dessert first.

More than just cake, the world of desserts includes cookies, ice cream, pastries, pies and puddings.

We decided to create a short dessert list with our favorites after eating thousands of sweets from South Africa to Northern Thailand.

Cupcakes (USA)


Little cakes topped with icing were a special treat that we enjoyed at birthday parties and other special occasions. Now we pair them with flat whites.

Macarons (France)

Macarons are no flash in the pan. The French have been eating these sophisticated sandwich cookies for centuries before the modern version grew into a worldwide sensation.


Pastel de Nata (Portugal)

The legendary Pastel de Nata origin story involves crafty Portuguese monks who made egg custard tarts with leftover egg yolks and a whole lot of sugar.


Fiocco di Neve (Italy)

Filled with cream and dusted with powdered sugar, Pasticceria Popella’s Fiocco di Neve is a little snowflake of yumminess. We’re not being cute when we call it a snowflake.


Gelato (Italy)

Gelato is proof that desserts don’t need flour or eggs to taste divine. Italy’s version of ice cream accomplishes this feat with milk, cream, sugar and a range of fresh fruits and nuts.


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