41 British Candy Favorites

British candy is some of the best candy in the world. But which British candy is the best? We sampled dozens of British sweets and rank our favorites.

We both remember the first time we tasted Cadbury bars at the source. Those bars tasted richer and creamier compared to Cadbury bars we’d previously eaten in America.

But we wondered which British candy is the best? After all, we can’t buy and eat them all. Or can we???

Cadbury Dairy Milk


The Cadbury Dairy Milk bar is proof that bells and whistles aren’t necessary to make a great chocolate bars.

Cadbury Boost

Its sweet flavor lingers after the last bite which typically occurs just moments after the first bite.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Caramel bar is basically a Dairy Milk bar that’s filled with ooey-gooey caramel.


Cadbury Flake

The Cadbury Flake bar lives up to its name by being flaky. Very flaky. So flaky that it literally crumbled when we took it out of its wrapper.



The American version is tart, chalky and chocolate-free while the British version, with their colorful candy shells that encase chocolate centers, is more similar to M&Ms.


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