Berlin Food Favorites You Will Love

This is a city teeming with both Michelin-starred restaurants and food trucks. Some Berlin restaurants are temples to sausage while others omit all forms of meat from their menus.

And it’s just as easy to find tasty food from halfway around the world as it is to chow down on traditional German dishes.

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the food choices in Berlin? We recommend starting your culinary exploration with the following Berlin food favorites.

Königsberger Klopse


Another Berlin food favorite with ties to another country. In this case, those ties are to Prussia where cooks first covered meatballs with capers and white sauce.

Pfannkuchen (Berliner Donuts)

Yeasty pastries filled with jam, fried in oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can eat one for breakfast with coffee or as an afternoon snack.



Depending on your mood and hunger level, you can choose a traditional Brezel, a sweet dessert version or a Brezel sandwich.


Germans have been baking and eating salted Brezeln for centuries.


Another German food with Austrian heritage. 


Pour vanilla sauce over your slice of Apfelstrudel to ramp up the sweetness one delicious notch.


A Berlin street food typically served on a paper plate. Cooks smother sliced wurst (sausage) with tangy curried tomato sauce and sprinkle a generous amount of spicy curry powder on top.


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