What It’s Like to Eat a Mostly Vegetarian Lunch at L’Arpège in Paris

See what it’s like to eat the vegetable menu at L’Arpège, a three-star Michelin restaurant in the heart of Paris. Spoiler Alert: It was one of our favorite meals this year!

The idea of beginning a meal with simple shavings of vegetables from the chef’s garden strikes of temerity.

In many ways, the history of L’Arpège parallels the history of its owner, Alain Passard. The restaurant and the chef are intertwined.

Brief History of Arpege in Paris

To our mostly pleasant surprise, Passard brings his vegetable passion along for the ride on the sweet side of his menu.

Desserts at Arpege

We chose to let the meal play out at its intended space as we would while experiencing any event of epic proportions.

Our Lunch at L’Arpège

The wine list at L’Arpège is no joke. In fact, it’s literally a book. And a big book at that.

Wine at L’Arpège

Eschewing food constructed with tweezers and cuisines imported from around the world, L’Aprège celebrates the local products grown in France.

Beyond the Food and Wine at L’Arpège

Since L’Arpège has an online reservation system, you can and should make an online reservation as soon as you know when you’re traveling to Paris.

How can I secure reservations for a meal at L’Arpège?


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