30 American Food Favorites You Will Love

We love American food! Read on to discover our 30 favorites. This American food list includes Philly Cheesesteaks and Buffalo Wings plus a few dishes that may surprise you.

Let’s face facts. When it comes to food, America has a mixed global reputation due to factors like factory farming, ginormous serving sizes, and artisan producers.

Choosing the best food in America has been a fun challenge. The fun part has involved culling through thousands of photos and reminiscing about great food experiences we’ve previously enjoyed from sea to shining sea.



We’ve eaten Pancakes around the world in dozens of cities including Amsterdam, Athens, Lisbon, Osaka, Riga and Taipei. Some were sweet while others were savory.

Bagel + Lox

New York Jews started making Bagel and Lox sandwiches a century ago using bagels from Poland, brined smoked salmon from Norway and cream cheese produced in the US.


Sugary Cereal

Ironically, American entrepreneur and wellness preacher John Harvey Kellogg urged eating cereal as a health food to aid digestion.



Just remember that an American Biscuit is a savory, flaky quick bread made with baking powder, flour, milk, salt and shortening.


Pop Tarts

Topped with icing and decorated with sprinkles, these rectangular breakfast items were a treat best eaten when toasted.


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