50 American Candy Favorites

American candy holds a sweet spot in our hearts. There’s something about popular American sweets that makes us smile. Perhaps it’s nostalgia.

So many great candy brands made their start over a century ago and retain a special place in our memories of childhood.

We’re loud and proud about our love for American candy. In our opinion, the USA makes many of the world’s best chocolate bars and we love to eat almost all of them.



Most Americans don’t care for licorice yet they love eating colorful Twizzlers twists at movie theaters across the country.


Don’t be confused when you see Skittles for the first time. Although the colorful candies resemble M&Ms in size and color, the similarities end there.


3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers bar mystifies candy bar lovers around the world over who have watched the candy’s evolution and wonder what it is.



Although PEZ was invented in Vienna and is popular in countries around the world, we consider PEZ to be an American candy now.


Dove Bar

The Dove Bar’s relationship with ice cream bucks the trend. While candies like Snickers and M&Ms inspired ice cream flavors, Dove Ice Cream was the inspiration for Dove’s chocolate candy bar.


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