30 of the Best Bologna Restaurants - Bologna Food Guide

Many tourists spend their Italy trips in the ancient city of Rome, the artistic city of Florence, and the watery city of Venice.

Others spend time drinking wine in the rolling hills of Tuscany or eating pizza in Naples.

But not so many travelers realize that Bologna is known around the world for its exciting food culture and that the best things to do in Bologna all involve food.

Osteria Broccaindosso


Not every meal needs to be an epic event, which is how we ended up at Osteria Broccaindosso on a night when we wanted a casual meal filled with pasta and red wine.

Vineria Favalli

Located near the Basilica Santo Stefano, Vineria Favalli serves a range of Bologna food classics including lasagna, tortelloni, and tigelle.


Antica Osteria Le Mura

With a menu that seems fairly typical for Bologna, this restaurant sources products like cheese, meat and pasta from top Emilia-Romagna producers.


Trattoria del Rosso

Reputed to be the oldest trattoria in town, Trattoria del Rosso serves a range of local pasta and other regional favorites.


Osteria Satyricon

We especially enjoyed Spaghetti Alla Chitarra made with black garlic, oil, and vividly red chili pepper strands, though the Passatelli with Ragu had a pleasing mouth bite as well.


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