30 German Food Favorites You Will Love

Few people list food in Germany among their favorite global dishes and even fewer mention Germany when selecting their favorite food countries. That’s a shame.

Long a haven for beer drinkers and meat eaters, modern German food includes options for all kinds of diners, and, contrary to popular belief, these options don’t all involve meat.

Okay, many involve meat. But we’re okay with the extra protein since we’re carnivores. We’re okay with beer too!

Spätzle - Spaetzle


Spätzle, small noodles made with eggs, flour, salt and water, were originally made by hand three centuries ago in Southwest Germany.


Gulaschsuppe - Goulash Soup

Typical proteins include beef and pork though more adventurous cooks add venison and wild boar to their stews.


Wurstsalat - Meat Salad

Literally translating to sausage salad, these meaty salads provide a protein punch before diners eat the main course featuring. You guessed it, more meat!


Tartar - Tartare

We typically think of France when we think of Tartare, especially steak Tartare made with raw beef and egg yolks.


Crafted with beef, pork, and veal, Bratwurst is Germany’s most popular German sausage at home and around the world.


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