28 of the Best Copenhagen Restaurants, Bars and Markets

Over the past couple of decades, the city has become a cult favorite for food travelers.

The city’s place in the food pantheon has also attracted young, ambitious chefs who’ve clawed their way to the city for the chance to work in one of Copenhagen’s cutting-edge kitchens.

A seemingly endless number of restaurants appears in every nook and cranny throughout Denmark’s compact capital and every block seems to have a world-class bakery.



Restaurant Schønnemann has served hungry Danes since 1877, but the vibe in the traditional restaurant’s forest green space feels remarkably fresh.


The restaurant’s chef, Marco Cappelletti, draws from the best Italian food traditions but channels the spirit of food in Italy without sticking to a set script.



Like most cities around the world, pizza is plentiful in Copenhagen. However, some Copenhagen pizzerias are just a little bit better. Bæst fits into the ‘better’ category.


Slurp Ramen Joint

Despite its hip vibe and a minimalistic decor that blends Japanese and Danish elements seamlessly, Slurp takes ramen seriously.


Warpigs Brewpub

During our meal, Warpigs’ tender brisket, made from meat imported from America, had the all-important red smoked ring and was cooked to precision.


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