23 of the Best Restaurants in Rome Including Pizza, Street Food, Cafes and Markets

The vast number of restaurants in Rome can be overwhelming whether you visit for one day, one week, or longer.

If you’re taking your first trip to Italy, you’re probably starting in Rome. It’s inevitable that you’re overwhelmed by the variety of places to eat in the eternal city.

Read on to discover our favorite Rome restaurants that you won’t want to miss plus street food, pizzerias, cafes, and markets.

Taverna Volpetti


Taverna Volpetti is worth a visit whether you’re looking for an aperitivo break or a traditional Roman meal.



Sbanco is the one we’re recommending for its friendly atmosphere, great beer selection and, of course, outstanding pizza.



Its comfortable dining room is designed to feel like a living room albeit a living room with ancient brick walls. 


La Tradizione

La Tradizione sells salumis and hams from all over Italy sourced from a variety of artisan producers.


A hybrid of Pizza Bianca and triangular Tramezzino sandwiches, Stefano Callegari’s 2013 culinary creation is a pizza dough cone stuffed with savory Roman food favorites.


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