23 Best Cheap Eats in New Orleans

It goes without saying that a diner can eat well during any New Orleans itinerary whether it’s for two days or as long as one week.

New Orleans isn’t just one of the best food cities in America – it’s one of the best food cities in the entire world.

Savvy diners can head to dive bars, sandwich stands and luncheonettes to find the best New Orleans cheap eats that made NOLA famous.

Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar


Owned by the Domilise family for more than a century, the down and dirty Po Boy shop excels at making sandwiches filled with roast beef and seafood and even meatballs.


Killer PoBoys

Killer serves a Shrimp Po Boy too, albeit with hipster toppings like daikon radish and sriracha aioli.


Napoleon House

It took the sandwich to the next level by serving it warm. This extra step sounds simple but it’s a game changer for those who like their cheese melty and their bread crunchy.


Lunch at Cochon Butcher

This is a spot where diners can peruse different kinds of cochon before ordering sandwiches and sides at the counter.

Burgers and Tiki Drinks at Port of Call

Port of Call’s burgers are serious business – each starting out with a half pound of ground beef – and served with a big baked potato.


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